11/13/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Drowning Deer Rescued By Hunter, Vet In Most Dramatic Wildlife Video You'll Watch Today

Whew! Anybody who has ever thought, "Gee, I bet it's easy to rescue a drowning deer," clearly hasn't watched this dramatic rescue.

The clip, which features a cinematic soundtrack and slow-motion effects, shows the efforts of veterinarian Charlie Anderson and his son, hunter Adam Anderson, as they struggle to free a drowning deer from the antlers of a second, dead deer.

The Andersons use a variety of tools, including a saw and what appears to be a hatchet, as they attempt to cut the antlers of the dead deer, all while maneuvering around the uncooperative stag in a rowboat.

Although the video, which was posted Nov. 8, tells us the rescue actually took more than 25 minutes, the video's abridged nine-minute running length is plenty exhausting on its own. After several minutes of failed attempts, the panicked deer becomes so fatigued the men are able to pull up alongside the animal and hold its head above water as they knock the antlers free.

The sight of the freed animal finally bounding out of the water to safety is a joy to behold.

The good Samaritans, who hail from Monticello, Ind., now join the ranks of fellow deer rescuers such as a group of Sacramento Metro firefighters, who rescued a similarly struggling deer from a local canal in August.

(h/t Field and Stream )



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