11/13/2013 01:28 pm ET

This 'Hunger Games' Makeup Tutorial Is Utterly Ridiculous (VIDEO)

We doubt too many people left the theater after watching "The Hunger Games" just dying to emulate the makeup look, but that didn't stop the inevitable beauty collections and magazine spreads from piggy-backing off the movie's hype.

Thankfully, the funny ladies behind "Just The Tips," a web series which mocks ridiculous advice, decided to give the whole "Hunger Games" look a spin. Inspired by an article in Allure magazine and the CoverGirl Capitol Beauty collection, Katy and Katie each attempt to apply makeup in the style of the various district inhabitants.

The result is predictably ridiculous. One describes her look as "Marcel Marceau meets -- who was that sociopath who shaved off his eyebrows?" Don't tell us we didn't warn you.

[h/t: Jezebel]

Luckily, makeup can be fixed:

Makeup Tricks

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