11/13/2013 05:30 am ET

'New Girl': Jess Doesn't Know How To Take A Compliment (VIDEO)

Jess Day continues to be one of the most relatable characters on television. This week on "New Girl," it was a compliment that threw her off her game. Jess had gone into a local Chinese restaurant to complain about all of the menus they kept sliding under her door.

“Geez, thank you so much for stepping up and doing something," said Brian, the handsome man at the restaurant. Jess told him she was happy to finally meet someone who cares, at which point Brian added, "Well, it helps that you’re gorgeous.”

“No. That’s crazy," Jess stammered. "That ain’t real. That’s dumb. That’s straight dumb. You’re dumb. You’re nice. You excited for the holidays? I am. Anyway...” She then half-blew a kiss and walked away. ScreenCrave's Jeffrey Hyatt called this the funniest moment of the episode -- especially Jess' expressions. PopWrapped's Caitlin Swift agreed, bringing back the word that launched the show by calling Jess "adorkable."

Unfortunately, Brian was actually the restaurant owner, and he was just trying to appease Jess so she would go away. He didn't care about her menu problem or the environment. But at least Jess' reaction to the compliment was genuine ... and yes, "adorkable."

"New Girl" airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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