11/13/2013 05:08 pm ET

Radko Gudas Goal Waived Off During Canadiens-Lightning Game (VIDEO)

In one quick flash, defenseman Radko Gudas extended Tampa Bay's lead to two goals during the second period of a game against the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday night. At least that's how it seemed before NHL officials decided to wave it off with a questionable call.

To the surprise of a few players on the ice, play continued when no goal was signaled by referee Mike Leggo after Gudas' shot quickly ricocheted in and out of the net. But at the next whistle, officials in Toronto concluded that the puck did in fact rocket past Habs netminder Carey Price after reviewing the play.

Still, the goal didn't count.

Leggo's explanation at center ice ruled incidental contact on Price before the puck crossed the goal line. Later that night, the league released a statement supporting Leggo's judgment and reminding critics that goalie interference rulings cannot be reviewed.

At 17:14 of the second period in the Lightning/Canadiens game, the Situation Room observed the puck cross the goal line but play continued until 17:50 when a review was initiated. The referee informed the Situation Room that he observed incidental contact in the crease by Lightning forward Tyler Johnson on goaltender Carey Price, if in fact the puck crossed the goal line. Video review confirmed that the puck crossed the goal line. According to Rule 78.5 "Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the Referee when an attacking player has interfered with a goalkeeper in his goal crease." This is not a reviewable play therefore the referee's decision on the ice stands, no goal Tampa Bay. The clock was reset to 17:14.

Watch the video above and you be the judge. The call didn't end up costing the Lightning the game. Tampa Bay went on to win in a shootout.



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