11/13/2013 05:30 am ET

'Sons Of Anarchy': Everything's Falling Apart Around Tara (VIDEO)

This episode of "Sons of Anarchy" was all about the end of Tara's big dreams of escaping Charming, Jax and SAMCRO with her boys. Now that Jax knows what she's up to, he's put a tail on her and squashed any dreams of escape with the boys. Gemma made it clear that either Tara leaves or Tara dies. There's no coming back from her betrayal.

Then Juice, who knew full well what he was doing, gave Tara the address of the place Jax was staying at. He knew that Jax was sleeping with Colette -- the madame of the house. As luck would have it, such as it is, Jax and Colette were in the middle of "unwinding" when Tara showed up. She burst into the room and ripped Colette off of her husband by the hair.

In the end, though, Tara fled, horrified over what she's become. Over what Jax has turned her into. "This storyline has been slow played perfectly, culminating in terrific work from Maggie Siff after catching Jax and Colette in bed," wrote TV Fanatic's Matt Richenthal. "It seemed like Tara might actually shoot Jax, as if she had reached the end of her rope and her only repercussion was the kind of violence she was trying to leave behind in Charming.”

The AV Club's Josh Modell was loving Tara's development this week as well. "After everything she’s been through, it took seeing her husband having sex with another woman to really push her over the edge—into sanity," he wrote. "The person she was meant to act as savior for has fully become her corrupter, and she’s in too deep now to get away.”

"Sons of Anarchy" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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