11/14/2013 06:37 pm ET

Sometimes You Find A Giant Phallic Object On Campus (NSFW)

Everyone loves playing in the snow. It's great for drawing things, like your name or a snow-angel.

Or you could draw a penis, we guess that's an option too.

Someone felt the need to draw a phallic object in the snow at the University of Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium.

The student who first tweeted a photo deleted it, feeling bad that she "may have given my school some negative publicity." But of course other photos are still being shared online.

We're not sure that this is really that negative. Since it's only a light covering of snow, it'll go away as soon as the sun shines and melts it away. In the mean time, you can check out a few photos of the phallic silliness from alternate angles at UPROXX.

[h/t HyperVocal]