11/14/2013 11:50 am ET

Emotional Baby And Her Parents Meet Ellen (VIDEO)

It's been less than a month since Mary Lynne Leroux -- better known as the emotional baby who reacted to her mom's singing with real tears -- became an Internet sensation. On Wednesday, she and her parents found themselves on "Ellen."

Mary Lynne's mother, Amanda, told Ellen some of the video's backstory, explaining that she sings to her daughter a lot around the house. One day, she sang along to Sara Evans' version of "My Heart Can't Tell You No" when it was on the radio, and noticed the baby crying.

"I figured it was a fluke... and then it started playing, I think a few days later it played again and once again I started singing along with it, and she actually started reacting the same way." Her husband didn't believe her when she told him about it, so she captured the reaction on film. And apparently, it's "just this one song" that makes Mary Lynne cry.

Mom even tried singing the song to her daughter on set -- but though it's impossible to deny that Mary Lynne has a very expressive face, this time, no tears materialized. Ellen, on the other hand, seemed to be moved.



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