11/15/2013 09:12 am ET

Is That Kim Jong Un Walking The Streets Of Hong Kong?

After years of being a musician, 34-year-old Howard decided it was time to take a different career path that utilized his looks.

No, he did not become a model.

He became the world's first professional Kim Jong Un impersonator.

Howard has been told he resembles the infamous dictator since 2011, when Kim took power. In full makeup, hair and suit, the two are almost indistinguishable.

According to Barcroft TV, it was only when a picture of Howard went viral on Facebook last April that Howard decided to embrace the accidental fame.

He then capitalized on his physique by setting up a Facebook page to advertise his services as an impersonator. The page boasts that he is "the closest thing you get to the 'Dear Leader' without actually going to North Korea."

"The key to becoming him is to always look unhappy and dissatisfied. It is his trademark look," Howard says as he walks the streets of Hong Kong, capturing the attention of confused onlookers.

"It is fun to play Kim Jong Un because it freaks people out. It freaks people out that they can't believe the dictator is in this part of the world. It is great being Kim Jong Un, but it is always nice to go back home and just be myself," he added.

Pretending to be a dictator has its dangers though, and Barcroft TV notes that Howard's surname is kept secret for fear of North Korean reprisals.

On a lighter note, check out Howard's other amazing video where he pretends to be Kim Jong Un eating McDonalds and nuking the US.



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