11/14/2013 02:23 pm ET

'Angela Merkel,' 'Francois Hollande' Get Cozy On Foreign Magazine Covers (PHOTOS)

It's not every day that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande cozy up over a croissant.

Actually, that probably never happened.

The German chancellor and French president may have a tenuous relationship, but the magazine of French newspaper Le Monde and the German Zeit Magazin wanted to show that the French-German relation is not on the rocks.

Therefore, the publications teamed up for a photo shoot that would probably make both heads of state blush.

Obviously, Hollande is not really feeding Merkel a croissant in bed, and the unlikely pair are not snuggled up together in front of a fireplace. Still, the resemblance between the doppelgangers and their real-life counterparts is uncanny.

Le Monde and Die Zeit opted to feature "Merkel" and "Hollande" together on their magazine covers this month to celebrate Franco-German relations 50 years after the ratification of the Élysée Treaty, Die Zeit said in a statement.

Speaking to the Le Huffington Post, M magazine editor Marie-Pierre Lannelongue explained that they wanted a striking cover that arouses curiosity. They enlisted British photographer Alison Jackson, who is known for taking photos of celebrity lookalikes, to show Merkel and Hollande having very close relations.

The end result does not disappoint.



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