11/15/2013 05:59 pm ET

Homeless Woman Returns $700 Phone To Winnipeg Resident Ashley Meilleur, Apologizes For Using Her Minutes (VIDEO)

Ashley Meilleur often gives food to the homeless people she passes on the streets of Winnipeg, Canada. But last week, when she handed a lunch bag to a woman on the street, she didn't realize her $700 phone was still inside.

Just 20 minutes later, though, her mom called her from Ontario to tell her that a panhandler called and said she had Meilleur's phone, CTV News reported. The two then met to make the exchange -- and the woman wanted nothing in return.

"She actually said that she felt bad because [the phone call to my mom] was a long distance number, that she was using my minutes," Meilleur told the station.

Meilleur decided to give the woman $15 anyway and invited her to sit inside her car for a while. Later, she took to Facebook to share the full story with her friends:

I asked her her story, and as she told me, my heart broke. A beautiful, lost young lady who took one wrong turn and had nothing, but insisted I, a random stranger, get my phone back and took the time to call my mother in Ontario to alert her. She has changed my perspective and has restored my faith in the human race. She is incredible. Although I can't help her monetarily, I am going to do everything in my power to ensure she is safe and has a warm meal this Christmas. She has triggered something in me, and I hope this story has empowered you as well. I am going to do something about this.

Meilleur told CTV News that she's now planning to give the woman a cell phone of her own with a two-year plan. She will also be handing out gift cards to other homeless people for Christmas. The small act of kindness she experienced has inspired her to pass the good karma along.



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