11/15/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2013

Bill De Blasio Anonymously Gifted $8,000 White Truffle; Mayor-Elect Pays It Forward


An anonymous bidder bought mayor-elect Bill de Blasio a 305-gram white Alba truffle for a cool $8,000 at a charity auction Sunday.

The truffle was purchased over the phone from the White Truffle Auction of Alba, Italy, which was held at Grinzane Cavour castle. Eleven white truffles were sold during the auction and fundraisers managed to raise a total of $367,620.

Upon receiving the truffle, de Blasio chose to donate the fist-sized delicacy to the Food and Finance High School in Manhattan on Thursday.

Principal Roger Turgeon said he was touched by the gesture. “I was really overwhelmed,” said Turgeon in an interview with The Daily News. “Being offered a white truffle is not an everyday event.”

The truffle will be used in a special meal to feed the students and staff of Food and Finance High School.

The sums raised at Sunday's auction will be given to the Piedmont Foundation for Cancer Research, the Mother's Choice Institute and to a hospital in Italy to be used for the purchase of a CT scanner.



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