12/20/2012 09:10 am ET Updated Dec 02, 2016

Need To Make A Vegetable Better? Turn It Into A Gratin Recipe

A good gratin recipe will change your life. And, it'll also make you a gratin addict (which we have no problem with). After the first bite of a perfectly golden potato gratin mashed potatoes will suddenly lose their luster, French fries won't be as tempting and baked potatoes will seem second rate.

Cream, butter and cheese are almost always involved when it comes to gratin recipes -- making sure you meet your dairy requirements for the day (or year). And then there are the veggies: Potatoes are the most popular choice, but sometimes cauliflower, broccoli or kale take center stage. But truth be told, gratin is good no matter which vegetable you choose. The proof is in the recipes that follow.

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