11/15/2013 04:07 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

15 Things In Your Home That You Should Trash (And 5 You Should Never Throw Out) (VIDEO)

That month-old block of cheese is a given, but did you know that there are other items in your home that come with an expiration date? To find them, you'll have to look beyond your fridge, Inside Edition's reports.

Take your bed pillows, for example: If you fold them in half and they bounce back, they're fine to keep, but pillows that hold the crease are past their prime. The same goes for mattresses, which not only lose their spring over time, but collect dangerous dust mites and sweat. When to get a new one? Every ten years, or sooner if you notice your mattress has begun to sag. Even the products you use to clean your house have a shelf life -- usually about one to two years.

Take a look at the video above for more common household items you may need to trash and the slideshow below for items you should never throw out.

5 Household Items You Should Never Throw Away

This post has been updated to clarify that battery disposal laws vary by state.

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