11/15/2013 01:34 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2013

Missing McStay Family Members Found In Shallow Grave

The bodies of two members of a family that went missing in 2010 have been identified.

Patrick McStay, Joseph McStay's father told CBS 8 in San Diego that authorities informed him two of the bodies found in shallow graves in the Mojave Desert on Monday were that of his son and his son's wife, Summer.

Two other bodies were found in the graves, but McStay did not give any indication as to whether they might be the McStays' children, Joseph and Gianni.

The McStays went missing on February 4, 2010, according to Ten News.

Their van was found days later and, at one time, authorities thought the family may have fled to Mexico. But, as KABC reports, family members suspected something more sinister.

"As time goes by, it's more and more overwhelming," Joseph McStay's brother, Michael McStay, said. "To leave the eggs out on the counter, they left the house in haste."

Authorities are still trying to identify the other two bodies and determine the cause of death of all four.



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