11/15/2013 12:32 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2013

Rahm Emanuel Sends Jon Stewart And 'Daily Show' 'Deep Dish With Dead Fish' After Pizza Fight

Apparently dead fish are Rahm Emanuel's version of an olive branch.

After Jon Stewart besmirched the honor of Chicago-style deep dish pizza in an epic takedown on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night, the Windy City mayor tweeted that his office had sent "The Daily Show" some "real pizza" for lunch, adding, "No hard feelings?"

In a nod to one of his most infamous political shenanigans, Chicago's mayor made sure the deep-dish pies were topped with dead fish (y' know, anchovies).

Back in 1988 Emanuel -- then national campaign director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- sent pollster Alan Secrest a dead, rotting fish for botching poll numbers.

Yet as much as the feisty mayor wanted the last word, Stewart and company were having none of it. Their response to Emanuel's "peace" offering? A Vine video showing a pooch turning his nose up at the delicious pie.



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