Tevin Hamilton, 18, Gives Mother The Ultimate Thanksgiving Gift (VIDEO)

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, many families will be spending the day reflecting on what they're most thankful for. But Rhonda McClarn has special reason to celebrate this year -- and it's all thanks to her son's selfless act.

According to CBS Local Chicago, when Tevin Hamilton was 6 years old, he discovered that his mother, McClarn, needed a kidney.Though he planned to donate his organ to McClarn upon turning 18, the Chicago teen wasn't a match.

But instead of giving up, Hamilton turned to a paired kidney exchange. He decided to donate his kidney to a stranger and, in return, his mother would receive one from someone else. To her luck, she found a match.

"I'm glad that she's still here to this day to wait until we get a kidney," said Hamilton, who will have surgery on Nov. 25 along with McClarn. "I love her dearly, can't wait until it's over with, until she has energy and go back to the way we were as a family before we had these problems." Watch in the video above.

Jonathan Buchanan is yet another teen who went above and beyond to help a family member. Earlier this year, the Arizona teen donated his bone marrow to cure his twin brothers' sickle-cell anemia.

While she didn't donate an organ, California high school senior Kyli Oleson still managed to touch the life of a stranger in a life-changing way when she began raising money for Gavin Jack, a teen in need of a heart transplant -- and who lives 160 miles from Olseon's hometown.

"When I found out about Gavin's condition, it really kind of hit home for me 'cause I realized he's a senior in high school and so am I," Oleson told Fox40.



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