11/16/2013 09:48 am ET

The 'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff Is Happening

CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Mourning the end of "How I Met Your Mother"? Put away the tissues, because "How I Met Your Dad" is happening.

Just two weeks after rumors of a spinoff started to surface, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that CBS will go ahead with a pilot produced by "How I Met Your Mother" bosses Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and "Up All Night" creator Emily Spivey.

As the title suggests, "How I Met Your Dad" will tell the same story "How I Met Your Mother" has been telling for nine seasons, but from a female perspective. While initially it was thought that the spinoff characters would be incorporated into the final season of "How I Met Your Mother," THR reports that the pilot will be shot as a standalone.

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