11/16/2013 10:50 am ET

Watch Lorde Sing In A Battle Of The Bands School Competition From 2009

Lorde must have been voted "Most Likely To Rock The World" in her high school yearbook if these recently surfaced videos from her school days are to be believed.

A 2009 video from a Battle of the Bands competition at Belmont Intermediate School in New Zealand showcases a young Lorde fronting her teenage band, Extreme. While the 16-year-old singer may have had a number one hit this Fall with the stripped down pop "Royals" track, this video shows her roots are in rock as Extreme covers Rainbow's "Man on the Silver Mountain" for the crowd of tweens.

There is also a post-performance interview with the band at the 7:58 mark, where Lorde introduces herself as Ella (her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor), but most of her bandmates do the talking while Lorde stands quietly planning her world domination.

Of course Extreme was only one of Ella's musical endeavors at the age of 12 -- listen to her cover the Pixie Lott track "Mama Do" on Radio NZ below:

Now at the ancient age of 17, Lorde has released her debut album "Pure Heroine" featuring the worldwide hit "Royals" and she also just signed a $2.5 million music publishing deal.

Even though Extreme only placed 3rd in the Battle of the Bands, Lorde is clearly a winner now!



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