11/18/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

No One In Australia Wants To Go To Justin Bieber Concerts Anymore

Justin Bieber begins his eight-show Australia tour on Nov. 26, but it doesn't seem like anyone really wants to go. According to news.com.au, many tickets are selling for half their original price, and some don't even have any bids (including seats in the front four rows, priced at $79.00).

Alex Levenson, who heads the Asia Pacific sector of ticket-selling market place viagogo, blamed the drop on Bieber's "very good impression of an enfant terrible." Sales decreased 23 percent since the pop star's infamous visit to a Brazilian brothel and another 18 percent since we saw that picture of his tiny body passed out in a hotel earlier this month. Overall, tickets are 41 percent of the price they sold for last year.

Of course, Bieber's rap sheet extends far past his brothel field trip. Considering the age of his Beliebers (namely, girls under the age of 15 who in need of a chaperone), it makes sense there would be a decrease in interest that co-varies with the decline of his wholesome image. Levenson further compared Bieber to One Direction, noting the former has 187 percent more tickets up for resale than the charming Brits with a "squeaky clean" image.

Alas, haters confused admirers gonna hate.




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