11/18/2013 03:40 am ET

'Revenge' Shocker: Which Cast Member Returned From The Dead? (VIDEO)

"Revenge" is definitely back to its old soapy self, because this week saw the return of a familiar Season 1 face ... from the dead! All we need now is comas and secret twins.

Margaux's investigation into Conrad unearthed quite a surprise. She went to meet with someone who'd reached out to her claiming to have plenty of stories about the Grayson patriarch. Lydia -- who everyone assumed had died in that Season 1 finale plane crash -- was back and ready to spill the beans to Margaux.

Hollywood Life's Avery Thompson may still be trying to recover from that reveal. "'Revenge' just blew my mind," she admitted. "It will literally take me three weeks to wrap my head around this shocking revelation!" Buddy TV's Esther Gim said that Lydia's return could change everything, while TV Line's Andy Patrick noted that Lydia looked pretty "glamtastic" ... for a dead person.

"Revenge" continues every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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