11/18/2013 10:50 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

Sara Tidhar, Founder Of Sante Specialty Foods, Shares How Her Son Inspired Her Business (VIDEO)

After getting divorced, Sara Tidhar discovered a way to support her family and gain independence through one of her biggest passions: cooking. Today she is the founder of Sante Specialty Foods. During an interview with HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd, Tidhar shared how her son Navot's love of an old family nut recipe helped inspire her now multi-million dollar business.

"One day when I gave him some nuts to take to school, he turned around and he said, 'mom, you know you gotta start selling these nuts,'" Tidhar said. "And I said, 'really, to whom?' And he said, 'to everybody! You are going to be a millionaire.'

Newly divorced and in need of an income stream, Tidhar pounced on the opportunity. "I usually don't take advice from children, but in this case, that's a really smart child."

One of Tidhar's first customers requested almost 300,000 bags of nuts. But with the help of her friends and contacts, she was able to find a commercial kitchen and fulfill the enormous order. "I was amazed how generous, willing, just amazing people really are."

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