11/18/2013 12:21 pm ET

Cynthia Garza, Florida Woman, Gets Rescued From Sinking Car By Good Samaritans (VIDEO)

Last Wednesday, a Seminole County Sheriff's Office helicopter rushed to rescue a woman whose car was sinking in a local pond in Florida. But someone -- or rather, a few someones -- had beaten the first responders.

Video from the helicopter shows a group of good Samaritans helping Cynthia Garza escape from her car, News 13 reported. The team of helpers backs a truck up to the pond's edge, and a man grabs Garza just before her car begins to go under.

The SCSO posted the video to Facebook on Thursday:

"The SCSO applauds these citizens for their quick actions and bravery!" the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook.

Garza told News 13 that she was on her way to the mechanic to check for a steering problem when she crashed.

"It was definitely divine intervention, because [my daughters] wanted to come with me," she told the station. "It was just a blessing I was the only person in the car, and they were able to get to me, because if it would have been a few seconds more, they wouldn't have been able to get me out of the water. So, I'm pretty much still in shock."



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