11/19/2013 04:52 am ET

'2 Broke Girls' Expands The Scope Of The Show, Adds Gilles Marini, Mary Lynn Rajskub

Max has gotten by with her sardonic attitude so far on "2 Broke Girls," but in this week's installment it almost got in the way of her dream. Guest star Gilles Marini plays Chef Nicolas, who runs the Manhattan School of Pastry, an elite culinary school that Max fantasized about getting into. But it took Caroline pushing her into the door for Max to even take a chance.

Gilles was joined by fellow guest star Mary Lynn Rajskub. The "24" star tapped into her comedic roots for a hilarious performance as a former student who'd suffered some kind of mental break. Now, she's barely holding it together as a secretary. After Max gets rejected by the school and storms in demanding answers, Rajskub's character Bebe tells her that her voice is an anxiety trigger. Caroline, though, has "a very calming presence."

In the end, it was about passion. Nicolas didn't see Max's passion, and so she laid it out for him. "I act like I don't want anything because I never got anything I wanted," Max tells him. "But I do want to go to this school more than I've ever wanted anything. It's my fantasy, my dream, and please stop making me use these horrible, horrible words!" Ultimately, her plea convinced him to give her a chance. And Caroline agreeing to work for the school to help with Max's tuition sealed the deal.

Marini and Rajskub are both recurring characters, so hopefully Max can tough it out at the school for awhile. It would be great to see her start accomplishing her dreams, as well as expand the scope of the show a bit.

"2 Broke Girls" airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS.



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