11/19/2013 12:43 pm ET

Ann Coulter Defends Alec Baldwin: 'They Shouldn't Have Suspended Him' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter is leaping to the defense of Alec Baldwin after he appeared to use the phrase, "c-ksucking f-g."

Baldwin has been the center of controversy since last Thursday when he was caught on camera shouting an anti-gay slur at the paparazzi. He has denied using the term 'f-g' but has since been suspended by MSNBC for two weeks for the alleged comment.

Coulter told NewsMaxTV host Steve Malzberg on Monday that MSNBC was wrong and "they shouldn't have suspended him."

"In defense of Alec Baldwin," she began, "He's a photographer--he's not actually gay. This was just a curse word, like using the f-word, and frankly, a lot of these paparazzi photographers deserve it."

According to Coulter, the context in which he said it, in trying to protect his family following the conviction of his stalker on Thursday, was understandable.

"It's not something Alec Baldwin said in a calm moment on television," she continued. "He has been harassed horribly by photographers and now this stalker, and he's trying to protect his family and he curses! That is what happened."

Watch the video for the full audio clip.

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