11/19/2013 03:50 pm ET

Lou Malnati's Responds To Jon Stewart's Chicago Pizza Rant, Calls New York Pizza 'Limp'

Rahm Emanuel isn't the only Chicagoan lashing out in defense of one of the city's signature (deep) dishes after Jon Stewart dissed Chicago-style pizza on the air last week.

In a video posted Monday, Lou Malnati's owner Marc Malnati is seen arriving in New York after taking a red-eye flight "to see what all the commotion is about."

"I came here to New York to see what it's all about," Malnati continues, while holding a New York-style slice.

"A little limp," he continues. "I don't know.. Big Apple, little pizza?"

Luckily enough for Stewart, Malnati offered to fly back out to New York and cook up some "real Chicago pizza" for him and all his friends.

You'd be wise to take him up on that offer, Jonny boy.

Lou Malnati's isn't the only Chicago pizza resto to take Stewart to task for his tirade. Last week, on behalf of Giordano's Pizza, comedian Pat McGann also called out the New Yorker's trash-talking.



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