11/19/2013 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pixies Blow Up Their Guitarist In 'What Goes Boom' Music Video

NBC via Getty Images

In the Pixies' new music video for "What Goes Boom," the camera shifts between shots of rock formations, barren gorges and guitarist Joey Santiago listlessly stumbling through the desert for about 98 percent of the song. The other two percent are explosively fantastic, as Santiago spontaneously vaporizes after a quick glance at the camera.

Pulled from their latest release, 2013's "EP1," "What Goes Boom" calls back to the Pixies' harder roots, featuring riffs that teeters towards the chugs of stoner metal. Explaining in an interview with NPR how he went "shithouse on the guitar," Santiago said the song is about a "girl who plays the bass guitar," most likely alluding to ex-bassist Kim Deal.

Music video directors Jonathan Furmanski and Matthew Galkin told NPR that having Santiago explode was not their original plan.

"Our original vision for the 'What Goes Boom' video was to create an homage to a central, dramatic scene in 'Star Wars,'" they said. "But, after that idea proved a bit too costly to produce, we decided the next best thing was to blow up Joey Santiago in the desert –- the compromises we make for our art."

Watch the music video above, and read the full interview on NPR.



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