11/19/2013 11:19 am ET

Tim Tebow Picture In Letter With White Powder Shuts Down Jersey City Mayor's Office


City Hall was shut down in Jersey City, N.J., after a letter containing a mysterious white powder was mailed to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop on Monday afternoon.

Strangely, the letter reportedly included a picture of celebrity quarterback Tim Tebow, who is known for his conservative Christian views and played for the New York Jets until April, when the franchise released him.

An aide to Mayor Fulop opened the letter Monday afternoon around 2:15 p.m., and discovered what a source told The Jersey Journal was "spiritual stuff," along with the picture and the white powder.

City Hall was evacuated and surrounded by police, firemen, a hazmat team, local bomb squad and emergency medical personnel, the Journal notes.

The powder was deemed to be not dangerous about a half hour later.