11/20/2013 12:13 pm ET

Naked Man Strolls Along Paris Metro Tracks (Yes, There's A Photo Of It)

Straphangers probably expect to see some characters when they ride the subway, but a naked man walking down the tracks? Maybe not.

Yet that's the sight some French metro riders were treated to around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, when a naked man in the Paris metro decided to jump down onto the tracks and go for a stroll.

A Twitter user who was on a Line 13 train at the Plaisance stop managed to snap a photograph of the moment.

The bizarre spectacle briefly held up trains on Line 13 in the 14th arrondissement until transit police intervened and pulled the naked man from the tracks. A spokesman for Paris' public transport operator told Le Parisien that officers responded quickly and service returned to normal after a few minutes.

It's not immediately clear who the man was or why he was walking down the tracks in the buff.

While the naked man may have given onlookers a shock, it's not the first time subway riders have witnessed such a display. Recently, in Chicago, a nude woman was arrested after she slapped passengers and proclaimed herself the "goddess of the train." Before that, in June, another naked man chased subway riders around a San Francisco station until he was wrestled to the ground by police.



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