11/20/2013 04:44 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

In Search Of More Primary-Care Doctors


Janine Knudsen, a third-year student at Harvard Medical School's Center for Primary Care, is passionate about becoming a primary-care physician.

She is convinced that the U.S. is moving toward a health-care system that will put a much higher priority on keeping people healthy and out of the hospital, and that the primary-care doctor will play the leading role in this transformation.

"I see primary-care medicine as the most exciting field in medicine today," the 25-year-old Ms. Knudsen says, "and I'm thrilled to be on what I believe is the cutting edge of change."

If the U.S. has any hope of putting a dent in what is expected to be a huge shortage of primary-care physicians over the next decade, medical schools will have to find and train a lot more people who think like Ms. Knudsen.

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