11/21/2013 07:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 13 Bad Habits We Just Can't Give Up

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Earlier this month, a survey in Britain about bad habits found that people struggle most with trying to give up smoking, although many also are addicted to coffee, Facebook, reality TV, cracking their knuckles and a myriad of other so-called vices.

We decided to ask our Facebook fans about the bad habits they find impossible to break, and we received a wide range of responses. Here are 13 of them. Have any to add? Let us know in comments.

1) "Playing FreeCell every time I sit down at my computer!" said Anise Winokur Singer.

older woman at computer

2) "Sugar. In any form," said Jamie Wieloch Greco.

candy and candy bars

3) "Diet Coke," said Carol Suttmiller Tierney.

cans of diet coke

4) "My worst habit is scathing sarcasm, which is impossible to quit because there is too much temptation all around me," said Sylvia Mzz.


5) "Coffee??? Not a bad habit in my book. Eating sweets late at night would probably be mine," said Barbara Quesenberry Helms.

eating cake

6) "Smoking, it's just too decadent and always necessary during deep conversations," said Michelle Ethridge.

people smoking in old movie

7) "Biting my nails!!! I had stopped after 63 years, but then I had chemo, and they all fell off, so I bite whatever is left!!!!!:-(" said Jan Clifford.

older person biting their nails

8) "Staying up too late," said Sumi Lee.

couple on computers in bed

10) "Too much shopping," said Sue Bastien.

people shopping

11) "Reading trashy celebrity magazines," said Rhonda Bartlett.

woman reading trashy magazines

12) "Good wine," said Maureen Dean Bartlett.

mature couple drinking wine

13) "Supporting the Charlton Athletic Football Club," said John Agambar.

charlton athletic football club



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