11/21/2013 04:56 am ET

'Extreme Cheapskates': Housewife Takes Neighbors' Leftovers, Rations Toilet Paper (VIDEO)

"Extreme Cheapskates" introduced viewers to the self-proclaimed "ultimate cheapskate housewife," Utah mom Jordan Page. A mother of three, she and her husband Brandt keep their household costs below $15,000 per month. Of course, it's easy to save a lot of money when you don't spend hardly anything on food.

Basically, Jordan gathers leftovers from her friends and neighbors. Her mother Tami said, "She’s not proud, it’s like, Hey, if you’re going on vacation and you need to empty out your fridge, bring it on over. People are still willing to give her food.” She manages to keep her food budget to about $180 a month. Jordan said she rations out toilet paper and invests in "backyard livestocking" to cultivate her own groceries.

She's certainly mastered frugal living, but you'd never know it. The family lives in a $1 million home they bought for $225,000 on short sale. They then sold the basement apartment to Jordan's parents. Entertainment Tonight said that she's taking saving to a whole new level. Her toilet paper rationing has helped her family reduce their usage from 300 rolls per year to just 40.

"Extreme Cheapskates" airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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