11/21/2013 04:13 pm ET

Groom-To-Be Kills It With Rap Battle Marriage Proposal

A British man popped the question to his American girlfriend earlier this month with a proposal that was both kick-ass and totally romantic at the same time -- no easy feat.

Adam Felman (a.k.a Mos Prob) and his girlfriend, Jacqueline Harper (a.k.a Rapunsell) were participating in a Don’t Flop rap battle in Leeds, West Yorkshire. After Rapunsell finished laying down some quick-witted rhymes, Mos Prob put his own mad rapping skills on display in the name of love. He got down on one knee, Rapunsell's response was all, "Hells to the yeah!" and the rest is history.

Watch in the video above to see the awesome couple in action. Then, check out the slideshow below for some of our favorite proposals of all time.

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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