11/21/2013 08:42 am ET

Roger Ebert Movie 'Life Itself' Seeks Crowdfunding


Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James and Oscar winner Martin Scorsese have hit the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money for their documentary on Roger Ebert, "Life Itself." Directed by James, the film needs an additional $150,000 in funding before completion, money that will go toward post-production tasks like music licensing, graphics and hiring a composer.

James and Scorsese began work on the film before Ebert's death in in April of this year, and have the full support of Ebert's widow, Chaz.

"This movie is a love story really –– Roger's love for movies, for Chaz, and even in his own way, his love for Gene [Siskel]," James, who directed "Hoop Dreams," said in a statement on the page. "Ultimately, though, it’s a film about Roger's love for life itself." The documentary is based on Ebert's memoir of the same name. "Life Itself" features interviews with filmmakers like Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Errol Morris and more.

Depending on the amount donated, Ebert fans will be in line for a host of perks, including an early screening of the finished film (due out in 2014), signed copies of the Blu-ray and more. Watch James' plea in the video below, and head to Indiegogo for more information. (The campaign ends on Dec. 20, but because of the site's "Flexible Funding" option, the "Life Itself" producers will keep whatever funds they raise, even if that total falls short of the stated goal.)



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