11/21/2013 09:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Isaac Lindsay, Model, On How She Stops Static Hair In The Winter

Some girls have all the luck and one of those ladies is Isaac Lindsay. Not only does this model have glowing skin (she wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup when we met her), but she also has just about the most lust-worthy locks we've seen in a long time.

It turns out, those super long strands do more than just frame her dewy face. "It's nice because it's like a little blanket or built-in scarf so that I stay warm," Lindsay said. "And to deal with static [hair], I use a little MoroccanOil, rub it in my palms and apply it to the ends of my hair."

As for the rest of her beauty routine, she relies on an item that can be found in your kitchen cabinet. "I love using coconut oil as a lotion for my body, especially in the dry winter months. It's so easy and you smell good after using it." Amen to that.


Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Isaac Lindsay

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