11/22/2013 08:54 am ET

The Adult Egg Baby Project: Adventures In Sitcom Parenting


I had an idea...actually the high school health class teacher on Charles in Charge had the idea first. “We’re supposed to take an ordinary egg and pretend it’s a baby,” explained Sarah Powell, Charles’ over-enthusiastic teen client on an episode of the '80s sitcom, entitled “The Egg and Us.” If you were a fictional student in the '80s and '90s or a real student in select schools around the country, you’re probably familiar with the egg-parenting assignment. Folks like Powell, Buffy Summers, and 7th Heaven’s Lucy Camden were tasked with caring for an egg (or in Hannah Montana’s case, a bag of flour) for a week to learn the responsibilities of parenting. Usually, hijinks ensue, and everyone discovers they're not nearly mature enough to be a parent.

Maybe it was unfulfilled fantasies of being a TV teen or all those work-life balance debates I've been reading about, but I decided to launch an egg baby project at Refinery29. One week, one egg, five childless grown-ups and a few ground rules based on real high school egg assignments.

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