11/22/2013 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Ways To Do Your Makeup Without Using Makeup Brushes

Be honest, ladies. How many of you actually use a complete set of makeup brushes? Our guess is not many of you.

But we're right there with you. Unless we're using foundation or lipstick, we have no problem using our fingers to get the job done. Besides, we can never find the correct makeup brushes when we need them.

As we recently learned from makeup artists Merrell Hollis and Kari Bauce, there are a few items lying around our bathroom that work just as well to apply makeup. Here are five:

1. Wedge sponge: Not only are they perfect for applying foundation and concealer, Bauce believes they work well to put blend eyeshadow. "They're probably one of the most multi-functional items you can get your hands on. You can use it with both emollient and dry products, which you can't do with cotton," she says. "They are absolutely integral in trying to perfect the cat-eye swoop -- they clean up the edges of your eyeliner."

2. Tissue: If Hollis doesn't have setting powder within reach, he uses a tissue to set makeup. Hollis explains, "I separate the tissue in half, pulling it apart, and then set the inside of the tissue on the face. The fibers from the tissue can be used to blot or as an anti-shine. You can also use a tissue underneath the eye to catch fall-off when doing a smokey eye or any powder shadow that may be messy."

3. Q-tips: Both makeup professionals recommend using Q-tips to clean up makeup mistakes, including smudged mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. But Bauce also uses the tiny cotton swab as a lipstick applicator. "Just get them a little damp before you apply lip color, so you don't get cotton fibers onto your lips," she explains.

4. Cotton pad: Hollis likes using circular cotton pads (the type that you would use to apply an astringent) to apply blush in a pinch. "I lightly whisk the pad on the blush color and then apply to the face. It really picks up color and goes on without streaking. You can also use them for any powdered makeup, including pressed powder. It gives you a nice, even distribution of powder and goes on seamlessly," he says.

5. Toothbrush: A clean and unused toothbrush can work wonders, according to Bauce, for brow grooming and if you want to exfoliate your lips before putting on gloss or lipstick.

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