11/22/2013 10:33 am ET

Fireworks Set Off Inside SUV Spark Massive Traffic Jam

Officials say an enormous traffic jam on a Missouri highway Wednesday morning was caused by someone shooting off fireworks inside an SUV.

Driver Kara Koriath, 43, was allegedly under the influence of prescription medication at the time, according to KTVI. Her two sons, ages 16 and 13, were also in the vehicle. All three were seriously injured.

Highway patrol officers say the car went off the road at about 6:10 a.m. "due to a distraction" from the fireworks, and caused a seven mile-long traffic jam.

Troopers still haven't figured out exactly who set off the fireworks, only that "they were ignited in that vehicle."

Seven miles is nothing compared to the 125-mile long traffic jam in Russia that occurred in December, when three feet of snow fell on a highway between St. Petersburg and Moscow.

And in 2010, a traffic jam in China caused by construction stretched for dozens of miles and lasted for more than 10 days.



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