11/22/2013 09:56 am ET

The Only 5 Steps You Need To Get Ready For A Friday Night Out

You spend the entire week waiting for Friday evening to roll around so you can hightail it out of work and hit the town. The only problem? Between finishing up last-minute work in the office and rushing off to your fun destination, it's hard to look as glam and gussied-up as you'd like.

But trust us, you can look Friday night-ready in a few minutes just by making a few small tweaks to the hair (sad and limp) and makeup (probably just mascara) you already have on Friday afternoon.

Below, we've condensed your pre-going out routine into 5 easy steps. Do these and you'll be out the door and kicking off the weekend in no time.

Step 1: Brows

Step 2: Cat-Eye Liner

Step 3: Blush

Step 4: Lip Color

Step 5: Bouncy Curls

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