11/22/2013 09:20 am ET Updated Dec 08, 2017

Festive Foods For A Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah (or Chanukah, if you want), like most Jewish holidays, is largely about the food. You'll find the same rotating cast of characters in a lot of traditional Jewish meals (brisket, matzoh ball soup, chopped liver), but Hanukkah has two that are really unique and special: latkes and jelly doughnuts. Both of these foods are fried in oil, which is key to Hanukkah dinner, since the holiday celebrates the miracle of oil lasting eight days when it was only supposed to last one.

BUT, there are eight nights of Hanukkah and EVEN WE can only eat so many latkes and doughnuts. Below, we've pulled together some of the most delicious Hanukkah recipes we could find, ranging from hip and modern to totally traditional. And yes, there's matzoh ball soup and brisket again.

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