11/22/2013 12:37 pm ET

This Guy Discovered A Snake On His Windshield While Driving. Cue Hilarity And Terror. (VIDEO)

You thought snakes on a plane were bad? What about snakes on your windshield?!

A couple of Australian guys were understandably spooked when they realized a rather unusual traveler had hitched a ride on their windshield.

Ben Lehmann said he was driving home from the golf course when he first noticed the snake. Unsure of what to do, Lehmann slowed the car down, and then -- big mistake -- turned on the windshield wipers, revealing the full size of the reptilian.

Lehmann and his equally horrified companion can be heard identifying the snake as a red-bellied black snake. If correct, their screams may not have been completely unwarranted. Growing up to 6.5 feet long, the distinctively colored snake is one of the most venomous in Australia, according to the Australia Zoo.

While it appears that both snake and driver got through the ordeal unhurt, we can't say the same about the men's dignity.

Of course, this has not been the first time a snake has made a nightmarish cameo on the windshield of some poor, unsuspecting motorist's car. In 2011, a family in Memphis, Tenn., experienced the unique shock when a snake slithered out into full view while the clan was driving down the highway.