11/23/2013 09:43 am ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Twitter was abuzz this week with chatter about the highly anticipated sequel to the "Hunger Games" trilogy, "Catching Fire" which came out Nov. 22. One tweeter however, didn't think she would make the cut as a tribute.

Liana Maeby had us laughing when she tweeted, "'Guys, I left my Chapstick outside the Arena. I cannot compete.'- Me if I were a Hunger Games tribute." We're right there with you, Liana.

In other tweets this week, Yeezy's new video starring a very naked Kim K had Rachel Lichtman imagining the next step in Kim and Kanye's relationship: "Can't wait until Kim and Kanye finally tie the knot! In her fallopian tubes."

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