11/23/2013 09:45 am ET

Nelson Camarillo Puts Camera In Women's Bathroom At Dialysis Center: Police

It's hard to be sicker than a patient on dialysis -- but this man takes the cake.

Nelson Camarillo is accused of setting up a camera in the women's bathroom at a dialysis center in Chesapeake, Va., WTKR reports. He was an employee there but was promptly suspended after his arrest this week.

Camarillo, an employee at the Davita Chesapeake Dialysis Center, allegedly filmed at least three women in the bathroom. No patients had access to the employees-only area where Camarillo's accused of filming, hospital staff said.

A colleague of Camarillo found what he or she thought was a keyless entry remote in a planter in the bathroom -- but realized it was the camera.

Camarillo was charged with five counts of unlawful filming. He is out of jail on $2,500 bond. Police didn't say how long he'd been filming or what his job was at the center.

Bathroom cameras cause a lot of trouble these days, even more the people who are supposed to be reporting on the crimes. A newspaper reporter in New Hampshire was arrested when a colleague found a camera installed in the women's bathroom.

And late last year, Pastor Robert Lyzenga was arrested when churchgoers found cameras installed in the bathrooms.



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