11/25/2013 12:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Josh Munsee, Marine Corps Captain, Gives His Family The Best Thanksgiving Surprise

Gregory Shamus via Getty Images

A family attending Sunday's Detroit Lions game got a surprise that will make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Though the team suffered a disappointing loss to Tampa Bay, Lions fans were still moved to tears when U.S. Marine Corps Captain Josh Munsee strode out onto the field.

Watch the family react when Josh Munsee runs onto the field in uniform, first in stunned disbelief, and then with joy:

Munsee had a near-death experience during a 2007 ambush in Fallujah, according to the Detroit News. Both his kidney and spleen needed to be removed after he was shot.

At the time, his now-wife Michelle Munsee was told he might not make it, according to the paper. But he pulled through, and on Sunday, Michelle and their three young children, all decked out in Lions gear, stood in front of the crowds as the team honored the Michigan marine. He wouldn't be home from Afghanistan for months -- or so his family thought.

"My jaw about dropped on the field," Michelle Munsee told WOOD TV 8. "I wasn't expecting to see him anytime soon. The kids were kinda dumbfounded. Emotions were running high. ... we were just kinda taking in the moment."

What a perfect holiday homecoming. And it looks like the happy dad and his kids are picking up right where they left off.



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