11/25/2013 08:51 am ET Updated Dec 02, 2013

Lenny Kravitz Talks 'Hunger Games' Success And New Album Details

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With 2013 nearing its end, Lenny Kravitz is celebrating his second film release of the year with the latest installment in “The Hunger Games” franchise, “Catching Fire.” And as expected, the highly-anticipated sequel capitulated to the top of this weekend’s box office, beating out last week’s No. 1 superhero flick, “Thor: The Dark World.”

In addition to Kravitz’ motion picture blazing theaters across the globe, the action-adventure thriller also earned a new November opening record by grossing $161.1 million domestically. Outpacing the previous record set by 2009’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” which debuted in theaters with $142 million.

Prior to the film’s record-breaking weekend, the Grammy Award-winner opened up to the Huffington Post on reprising his role as Cinna and dished details on his forthcoming 2014 as-yet-untitled album.

What can fans expect from the latest “Hunger Games” sequel, “Catching Fire”?

I mean, the movie in general is dynamic. It’s got a lot of layers. Not only is it a great action film, but there is a lot of ideas and messages, and social and political statements. There’s a lot of things that people can relate to. Family, love, sacrifice, government, and all kinds of things that we deal with everyday. Those issues are dealt with in this film.

Were you surprised by how successful the film resonated with fans?

The books were so popular and I knew there was a great following. But no, to be honest, I didn’t know it was going to be like this. It’s absolutely crazy. The following is enormous. So the expectations for this one is really big.

Earlier this year you had the chance to work with Lee Daniels for the second time in your career. As an actor, what are some lessons that you’ve learned from him?

Lee is a great director and he’s always striving for the truth in the moment. And if he doesn’t feel the truth in the moment he will stop and figure out what to do to find that truth. That’s the most important thing. So that’s been one of the great things that I’ve learned from Lee is to really find the truth in the moment and to really play it smooth. Don’t act, just be it.

Switching gears to music, this year marks the 20th anniversary of your mult-platinum album, “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” How does it feel to commemorate album’s release?

It’s great. The time goes by quickly. I don’t even realize it until someone tells me that you have to do this special edition and that it’s 20 years. And it’s like, “What, really? Already?” But it’s music that I’m still very proud of and that I still perform. My next world tour, which will be next year, I’ll still be playing music from that album.

How would you describe the sound of your next studio album?

It’s a real strip down, rock and roll album. With some horns here and there, but really big sounding and strip down. Very up-beat, very sexy…It’s a real interesting balance between classic rock and today’s sound. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll hear it.

As a veteran musician, what are your thoughts on the business model of today's music industry?

It’s different, but you just have to adapt. I’m looking forward to doing it a new way. I’m not letting it bring me down. Yeah, records don’t sell what they used to sell, but you have to keep moving and figure out how to break through no matter what the circumstances are.

Are you releasing the album independently or on a major label?

I’m not sure right now. Right now I’m the doing the business, actually. So we’re figuring it out. But it will come out in the appropriate way and it will be a worldwide release. And it will be everywhere.



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