11/25/2013 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Could Be Oprah's Weirdest/Most Amazing Moment Yet

This might just be the way we want to remember Oprah forever: drink in hand, serious makeup, movie-star lighting, spouting some craziness for a super-short weird art film project from the New York Times.


Yes, Actress Oprah is back, since La Winfrey was chosen as one of the Times Magazine's 11 best actors of 2013, and the magazine asked her to participate in something called "Making A Scene." In practice, this means that Oprah had to put on a sparkly dress and get some glam eye makeup on and recite some lines about death and being irritated, and hold a drink.

It's...really strange!

You can watch the whole thing above, but here is the best moment, where Oprah suddenly drinks her drink and everything--WOOOOOSH--fades to black. Whaaaaaaat.....