11/25/2013 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince Harry's Beard Comes Out In Full Force On South Pole Trip (PHOTOS)

Prince Charles and Prince William may have hair issues, but Prince Harry's follicles are going strong. In fact, while journeying to the South Pole for the Walking With the Wounded charity trek, he's actually growing a beard.

That's right, Harry's sporting some ginger scruff, a development highlighted by the keen royal watchers over at Vanity Fair. To prepare for the journey, Harry spent the night in a giant freezer to acclimate to the cold. But he apparently didn't bother prepping in the beauty department, letting his hair grow into a rather respectable beard once he arrived in Antarctica.

And we really don't hate it... for now. Jury's still out until we see this thing full-grown at the end of the journey, which has been delayed by storms over the weekend. With Christmas approaching, we really hope Harry doesn't go for the full Santa look.


harry beard

harry beard

prince harry

Facial hair is a new thing for Harry:

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