11/26/2013 08:52 am ET

Glenn Beck Shows Off Rifle, Lincoln's Bedsheet During Fox News Interview (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck's recent interview on Fox News saw the host pulling out a rifle and showing off a piece of Abraham Lincoln's bedsheet.

Nothing too surprising, we guess! On Monday night, Beck spoke to Bill O'Reilly about his new book "Miracles and Massacres" via satellite — and offered up his take on the untold stories of American history.

Beck went on about how much he "hates" Thomas Edison, who he called a "dirtbag." At one point, he pulled out a rifle that he said was taken from the Wounded Knee Massacre, which he called a "buried" historical event.

The pièce de résistance, however, may have been Lincoln's bedsheet. Beck pulled it out at the end of the interview, telling O'Reilly, “You may have the book, I have the bed sheet."