11/26/2013 01:50 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Shakina Nayfack Discusses Crowdfunding Gender Confirmation Surgery

Transgender performance artist Shakina Nayfack sat down with HuffPost Live this week to discuss her efforts to crowdfund the cost of her gender confirmation surgery.

A theater director, writer, producer, and performer, Nayfack has been out as transgender since 2001. However, she did not decide to pursue gender confirmation surgery until 2012.

She explained to HuffPost Live, "This surgery, not for all trans people but for trans people for whom it's right, is a life or death situation. I think a year and a half ago, the summer of 2012, I had this moment... I just sort of sat down on the bed and realized that I couldn't live like this any longer."

Check out the clip above to hear Nayfack's whole story, or click here to watch the whole HuffPost Live segment.

Interested in contributing to Nayfack's gender confirmation surgery? Click here to visit her crowdfunding page.



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