11/26/2013 03:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Taylor Swift Hangs With Prince William At Winter Whites Gala (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift may have spent a lot of time rubbing shoulders with America's "royalty" (aka the Kennedys), but she's now progressed to hanging with actual princes.

The singer joined Prince William and a slew of other stars at tonight's Winter Whites Gala held at Kensington Palace, where she's slated to perform later in the evening. Turning up in an ethereal white gown and her signature red lipstick, T. Swift chatted up the Duke of Cambridge as Jon Bon Jovi, Michelle Dockery, James Blunt and Colin Firth made the rounds at the reception.

Her immediate reaction to the royal meeting? "Awesome!" Once she collected herself, she added, "He was very funny. I was really happy he was funny."

The "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer was certainly nervous leading up to the event, reportedly "asking" around as to how to properly greet a real-life royal. "I think I’m just really safe if I just like, shake hands and be polite," she told ABC News. (For the record, Taylor, this is the standard protocol.)

As you can see, it looks like she managed quite alright. Too bad Prince Harry's all the way in the South Pole -- Taylor might have finally met her prince charming.

UPDATE: Taylor actually sang with Prince William on stage with Bon Jovi. Life is unfair.


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prince william

prince william

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