11/26/2013 04:08 pm ET

5 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas That Won't End In Tears Of Frustration

Thanksgiving can inspire the sudden urge to make an attempt at something approaching Martha Stewart-esque. Maybe it's being cooped up in a house with all the relatives coupled with a nagging sense of tradition, but even non-DIY types will try out a "creative" idea they found on Pinterest. This, however, ends up in frustration, feelings of resentment and occasionally tears. Don't give a glittered pumpkin the power to do that to you.

If you are inclined to try something creative this year, stick to uncomplicated things that don't require any special skills or supplies. Keep it simple, like these 5 Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

Pumpkins + Plate

Bonus points if you add a few flowers. But you don't need to.

Acorns + Jar

Nestle a glass votive holder in the center, then plop in a candle. Ambiance.

Candles + Cake Stand

A tray would also work fine. Add branches, acorns, leaves or whatever you feel like around the edges. Or not.

Pine Cones + Bowl

Snippets of greenery say "I foraged this just for you!"

Fruit + Bowl

Artfully stack whatever fruit you have into a bowl...or just kinda throw it in there.

Here are a few delicious things you can put around your centerpiece:

Thanksgiving Recipes